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Activities Of Aniruddha Upasana Trust

Following are few of the activities carried by Aniruddha Upasana Trust..

  • Annapurna Mahaprasadam Project -

Under this project, free mid-day meals are provided to children from schools in tribal areas and in municipal schools in rural areas. This is made possible by sponsors / donors who donate rice, wheat, pulses, oil, sugar, etc.
Presently, mid-day meals are being provided to nearly 4000 students across 31 different schools in the rural areas by our dedicated volunteers, who themselves cook the food and serve it to the students attending the schools.
Ever since the project has been introduced, there has been a marked improvement not only in the health profile of the children but also in their attendance, leading to improved grades.

  • Eco - Friendly Ganesh Murti
This unique project involves the making of Lord Ganesh idols from Paper Pulp. These idols are made from shredded paper of 'Ramnaam' notebooks used by the devotees, who write 'Ramnaam' and deposit the notebooks with the sister organization, Aniruddha's Universal Bank of Ramnaam (AUBR).

  • Medical and Healthcare Camp
Major Activities of the Camp:
• Free Medical Check-up of 16,300 villagers (including 7,639 Students from 108 schools) was conducted.
• Distribution of medicines free of cost, to the villagers and distribution of medicines, tonics, syrups etc. to school going children twice during the year.
• Distribution of used clothes to villagers and two sets of uniforms to school going children. During the 2008 camp, 15268 sets of uniforms, which were stitched from the cloth prepared under the Charkha Yojana, were distributed to 7634 students (2 sets per student).
• Distribution of caps, slippers, sports materials for school children - This year 7634 sets of slippers and caps were distributed among school going children.
• Distribution of hygiene material such as water purification liquid, anti-lice lotion, toothpowder, soaps, combs, etc. and to make the village people aware about the importance of hygiene in their day-to-day life

  • Blood Donation Camps

A Mega Blood donation camp is organized once a year by the Foundation with the help of its sister organizations.
The Government of Maharashtra felicitated the Foundation for its commendable achievement.

  • Aniruddha's Bank For The Blind

The project has been targeted to reach out to the entire country over the next three years, wherein the Cassettes/CDs will be prepared in different languages of the country, depending on the requirement. Volunteers, primarily ladies, record the Cassettes/CDs sitting at home, which gives them an ideal opportunity of balancing home and work, and in the process getting a sense of fulfillment..
So far, more than 30,000 Cassettes and 3000 CDs have been distributed to various schools and institutions, free of cost, across India and other countries.
Till date, nearly 65,000 students have benefited from these recorded audio books.
Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation, through its 250 odd centers and thousands of volunteers, has commenced work in co-ordination with Shree Aniruddha Aadesh Pathak and Aniruddha Samarpan Pathak for achieving the ultimate objective of Samartha Bharat-a strong and self reliant India.

  • "Clothing with Charkha" (चरखा योजना )

Even today there are many children, not just in villages but also in cities, who do not have enough clothing to cover their bodies.
The "Charkha Yojana" has been specifically implemented to break this vicious circle of poverty and illiteracy.
School uniforms of various sizes are stitched from this cloth after proper processing and are distributed, free of cost, among the students, in order to motivate and encourage them to attend school

Till date 59,085 sets of uniforms have been distributed to 24,544 students. More than 1,43,000 meters of cloth have been prepared under the Charkha Project.

  • "Round the year water, farming andfodder plan ( Barmass pani-sheti-chara yojana - Gogras yojana)" ----- ( चारा योजना )

Under this scheme, people in urban areas, where water is available in abundance, grow "grass" in their houses and in open spaces.The grass so collected is sent to farmers in the drought stricken areas to feed their cattle. Till date truckloads of grass has been distributed through our Pune centre in Purander taluka.

  • "Raddi (used paper) project"

Devotees of P. P. Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu, instead of selling old/used newspapers/magazines/notebooks as scrap, donate the same to the Foundation.
These are then converted into such useful articles, as paper bags, which not only go a long way in solving the plastic bag problem but also contribute, in its own small yet significant way, in the conservation of the environment. Further, paper pulp made out of this paper is used to make articles such as Word chart, toys and alphabetical blocks, which are distributed to poor students as an incentive for them to attend school.

  • "Old is Gold" (जुनं ते सोनं )

The Foundation collects used (but not torn) clothes, old utensils, old text books, and blank pages of note books (to convert them in new note books) and old toys (non battery operated) and many more.
These articles are properly serviced and then distributed to the families of poor students, in order to encourage them to send their children to school. The clothes and utensils so collected are also distributed amongst the people affected by natural calamities and disasters. The distribution is done in different needy areas all over Maharashtra.

  • "The Light of Knowledge Project (विद्या प्रकाश योजना )"

Under this program, candles and matchboxes donated by devotees are distributed free of cost to poor students in rural areas, where there is no supply of electricity, thus enabling them to study in candlelight.

  • "Ahilya Sangh Project"

Ahilya is the personification of the misery of the indianwoman; caught between the injustice of society and that of her husband.
The Ahilya Sangh has been formed for suitably equipping women with the requisite strength and resolve to counter any exploitation and to face any adversity with fortitude.
All the Indian martial arts needed for the self protection of women have been taught to a select batch of 15 volunteers 'free of cost'. These fully trained volunteers are now, in turn, training subsequent batches, each comprising of 80 volunteers.
Besides, all women who have been wronged, or are facing a crisis situation in their lives, receive support from the "Ahilya Sangh".
Women, who suffer because of the addiction of their husbands, also receive help from Ahilya Sangh.

The Ahilya Sangh also undertakes tree plantation projects across Maharashtra.

  • "Bharatiya Bhasha Sangam"

Each one is expected to learn a language apart from the mother tongue and languages that are already known. A facility to house this activity is being created. Around 1200 volunteers are already studying different Indian languages, apart from their mother tongue which, in time to come, will become the harbinger of national integration in its truest sense.

  • Re-immersion of Ganapati Idols

Every year, during and after the "Ganpati festival", the Lord Ganesha idols that get washed on to the shore on the day following the day of immersion, are re-immersed into the sea by the volunteers of the Foundation in association with the volunteers of Aniruddha's Academy of Disaster Management.

  • Work in Mental Hospitals and Orphanages

Work is also going on in orphanages at Kolhapur and Mumbai, where the inmates are trained in physical fitness and are taught to recite prayers. Those desirous of pursuing their education are given tuitions. Seva is also being performed at the Sion Paraplegic Foundation, wherein the volunteers regularly interact with students suffering from mental depression due to their physical handicap and help them regain their lost confidence.

The volunteers perform the following sevas in Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur:
• Periodic medical examination and provision of medicines
• Jaap and Upasana
• Conducting regular classes for students
• Special tuitions for SSC students
• Distribution of sweets during festivals
• Physical training

  • De-addiction centers

Daily sessions are conducted between 6.30 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. at various centers in the presence of volunteers of the organization and trained doctors.

Till date, approximately 2750 people have benefited from the de-addiction programme and almost 70% (1950 people) have been completely cured.

Currently, the de-addiction programme is being conducted at 26 Upasana Centers in Mumbai and all over Maharashtra.

  • Aatmabal Program for Women

Although our nation has been making steady economic progress, the state of the average Indian woman, who is the backbone of the family, does not seem to have improved appreciably. Keeping this in view, women are encouraged to attend classes, wherein they are imparted training in the day-to-day requirements of life and a positive mindset is nurtured.
This free training program of 6 months encompasses a variety of innovative activities to make women self sufficient in the daily affairs of their respective lives. The training includes learning to handle bank transactions, cultivating and improving speaking skills in the English language, knitting, craft, beauty care, dramatics, dance and also other domestic activities such as changing of gas cylinders, small electrical solutions, etc. The main objective of these classes is to develop and enhance the self-confidence of women and make them bold enough to face any adversity / setback in their lives.

  • Training In Ancient Indian Martial Arts- 'Bal Vidya' (Bal=Strength & Power together)

Param Poojya Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu is himself an exponent of the ancient Indian Martial Arts (Bal Vidya) such as Mudgal Vidya, Ashva Vidya, Surtabhedan Vidya and Yashwanti Malla Vidya, to name a few.

Param Poojya Bapu believes that the energy acquired through these Vidyas can bring about major positive changes in the world. During ancient times, India was known and valued for its physical and mental health, to which the comprehensive study and judicious practice of these Vidyas made a significant contribution. With the purpose of bringing back the bygone golden era and to make his devotees stronge and self-reliant, Param Poojya Bapu has personally trained the Pratham Acharya in these ancient martial arts. The Pratham Acharya now trains subsequent batches of dedicated volunteers.

  • FreeSummer Camp for Children ( DhangadShinga Shibir)
To nurture the potential and to explore the hidden talent of children, a fifteen day summer vacation camp by the name 'DhangadDhinga' is organized every year by the Foundation in collaboration.with Sai Samartha Vidnyan Prabodhini. Children between the ages of 8 and 12 years are given 15 days practical training, keeping in view the overall development of their personality, that is commensurate with their age. In this camp, through free interaction and a playful atmosphere, children are encouraged to develop a positive and healthy attitude and to inculcate self discipline in them which, in turn, gives a tremendous boost to their self.
Even after doing such number of sevas, volunteers speak that we are not social workers...
but we are devotional workers..
We are devoted to our Bapu.


  1. Kindly let me know where can we donate the old clothes and toys. I stay at Santacruz.


    Shyam Haridas Kadungorth,

    F-3/9, Musco Colony,

    Jagdishnagar (P.O) – 410216,

    Khopoli, Raigad (Dist),

    Maharashtra, INDIA

    SUBJECT: To Help me financially, for my Bone Marrow Transplantation Operation

    which is scheduled for 20th July 2009.

    Respected Sir / Madam,

    I am a third year MCA student of VJTI (Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute) College, Matunga, Mumbai-19. I have being diagnosed for a fatal blood Disease (MyeloDysplastic Syndrome) MDS, of type: MDS–“RARS, RCMD” from October 2006 at Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Mumbai.

    The only Cure for this is a Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) Operation with a Matching Unrelated Donor. I have now got a matched donor searched worldwide from NMDP registry, USA through Christian Medical College (CMC) & hospital, Vellore, Tamilnadu-632004, India. The operation is to be done at CMC Vellore on 20th July. The Total Cost of the Operation is 40 lakhs Rupees INR or 80,000 $ USD.

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    I request you on behalf of my family to help us financially so that my BMT operation takes place as scheduled & return to normalcy soon.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Shyam Haridas kadungorth


    1) Dr.Mammen Chandy, CMC Hospital, Vellore, TN.

    2) Dr K.G.Naryankhedkar, Director VJTI College, Mumbai.

    3) Dr S.S.Sane, HOD, Comp Tech, VJTI College

    4) Dr Rajan Shankaran, Homeopath, Juhu, Mumbai

    5) Dr M.D Agarwal, Bombay Hospital.

    6) Dr Sunil Parekh, Bombay hospital.

    7) Dr Sudeep Gupta, Tata Hospital, Mumbai

    8) Mrs. Anala Pandit, MCA Dept, VJTI.

    9) Mr. Vinay Shetty, NGO Think Foundation, Mumbai.

    Shyam Haridas Kadungorth

    Age (Date of birth)
    25 years (19-06-1983)

    MDS (MyeloDysplastic Syndrome),

    A fatal Blood Disease


    Treatment Undergoing Presently
    Monthly Blood Transfusion

    Remedy (Complete Cure)

    Dr. Mammen Chandy

    Hospital (Operation to be done)
    CMC (Christian Medical College) Hospital

    Hospital Address
    Dept of Haematology, CMC Hospital, Vellore, Tamil Nadu-632004,INDIA

    Contact No Hospital
    Tel: 0416-2222102/5200000 extn:2352


    Donor Got Now
    9/10 matching unrelated donor from UK through NMDP Registry, USA

    CMC Patient Hospital Id No

    Operation Date
    July first week

    Contact No

    Disease Diagnosed
    October 2006

    Hospital Treatment taken till Now
    Tata Cancer Hospital , Parel, Mumbai

    Treatment taken from Doctors
    Dr.M.B.Agarwal (Bombay Hospital)

    Dr.Sudeep Gupta (Tata Hospital)

    Dr.Sunil Parekh (Bombay Hospital)

    40 lakhs INR

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