Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shrimadpurushartha Granthraaj

Shrimadpurushartha Granthraaj:

This is the Unique Granth written by P.P.Aniruddha Bapu in very easy, understandable & simple language.

It includes three Khand (Parts)

1. SatyaPravesh

2. PremPravas

3. AnandSadhana

Editions are available in various languages including English, Marathi & Hindi.

P.P. Aniruddha Bapu says..

- I am not an avatara, not of anybody. I was always Aniruddha, I am ANIRUDDHA and Aniruddha Iwill always be .
- I am your FRIEND.
- I am the one who SERVES all those who love the divine principles and have unshakable faith inthem.
- I am neither a juggler nor a magician. I can neither do jugglery nor magic. Then what do I have ?What I have is LOVE, sheer love and love again. I have nothing but love.
- I am a WARRIOR. I enjoy teaching the art of warfare to all those who wish to fight their destiny.
Purity is indeed the one single decisive norm.Spirituality along with loving and selfless support.

P.P Aniruddha Bapu reveals in the Shreemadpurushartha Grantharaaj,as under-
'My dear friends, I, Aniruddha, your Friend, your Mate, have just the one mission in life get the entire universe to fulfill this purushartha of maryada, to teach and establish this purushartha - that is My aim,
And without the fulfilment and the establishment of the purushartha of maryada ..the Ramrajya, the reign of Shreeram, the reign of the maryadapurushottam ( the ideal, the only complete and perfect being who was the epitome of maryada) can never be ushered in.'Principles of Maryada purushartha.....Truth, Love and Joy that stem from purity

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