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P.P.Aniruddha Bapu released the "Guru Mantra" for all His Shraddhavans. It is called "Shri.Gurukshetram Mantra".Sadguru Bapu has released this Gurukshetram for the generations that would be born on this earth in future. This Mantra acts on all the three forms of body, i.e. Sthool, Sukshma & Taral(स्थूल, सूक्ष्म व तरल).It also acts on our mind (मन), soul (प्राण), intelligence (बुद्धी). It also acts on Cough (कफ), Gall (पित्त) and gas (वात).
It is also in action when we are awake, asleep or even in dreams. The Mantra of Adimata Chandika i.e
ll ॐ ऎं ह्रीम क्लींम चमुण्डायै विच्चे ll acts as the torchbearer of this Gurukshetram Mantra.This Mantra clears your future path and acts on your present,future,also on the past.It performs the function of ending Obstructions (बाधा), sins (पाप) and wraths (कोप) in life of its follower.In the second para, Bapu explained that Lord Ram is our Atmaram (soul) and His soul is Lord Dattatrey.Lord Hanuman is Shri. Ram's life (Pran, प्राण) and in turn Lord Hanuman is our Mahapran.
ll ॐ रामतनु-श्रीअनिरुध्दाय नमः ll the last line of this para says Bapu is a living Ramnaam (रामनाम) i.e. name of Lord Ram.It also says that Bapu is the embodiment of Ramnaam.
Bapu is with those who performs Purushartha - पुरुषार्थ. and supports those who attempt things regardless of the result.He doesn't support who relies on destiny and do not take efforts. ll श्रीगुरुक्षेत्र-उन्मीलन मन्त्र ll in the last paragraph means blossoming.The desirous of accepting this mantra has to recite this mantra in front of Sadguru Bapu or his Image,saying that, "Baou I have taken this as my Guru Mantra (बापू मी हा मन्त्र गुरुमन्त्र म्हणून घेतला)".
However,Bapu clears that this mantra's action depends on the belief, love and bhakti of the performer. Bapu also said that once one accepts this Mantra as his Gurumantra, he becomes 50% best over others.

  • Ganesh Chaturthi . Festival of Ganesh Utsav will be celebrated at Happy Home-Khar(West) at residence of P.P.Aniruddhra Bapu

  • Shree Ranachandika Prapatti

Shree Ranachandika Prapatti may be performed on any Monday of the month of Shravan.
Any man who has completed sixteen years of age can perform the Prapatti.
Set – up for performing Prapatti
• A Shraddhavan should have a photo of Shree Trivikram (any size), a banana and a mixture of curd and sugar to be offered as Prasad, and fragrant flowers for offering to Shree Trivikram.
• A Shraddhavan should take a bath before commencing the Prapatti.
• The Prapatti is to be performed only after sunset.
• Shree Ranachandika Prapatti is not to be performed in a group; it has got to be done individually.
The procedure:
· After a bath and dressed in Shraddhavan attire, sit before the image of the Trivikram and recite the Shreegurukshetram mantra nine times.
· Then recite the mantra ‘Om namashchandikaayay’ 108 times.
· Now placing the image of the Trivikram on the head, recite the Shreegurukshetram mantra nine times all over again.
· Thereafter, offer the Trivikram, a naivedya of banana and a mixture of curd and sugar. The banana and the curd-sugar mixture are to be offered in separate bowls.
· The person performing the Prapatti should eat a spoonful of the curd-sugar mixture and then offer only the banana as prasad, to both the men and the women in the family.
· The Shraddhavan should then come back and sit before the Trivikram and eat all of the remaining curd-sugar mixture, while looking at the Trivikram all along.
· Offer fragrant flowers to the Trivikram
· Lastly, offer the lotangan.
The above mentioned details can be found between pages 41 to 51 of the booklet on the Ram Rajya discourse by P. P. Aniruddha Bapu

On Thursday, 18th March 2010, Bapu explained the importance of 'Ghanta' (bell) that only Maa Mahishasurmardini uses it as her weapon. It is placed hanging from the roof at Gurukshetram. The importance of 'Ghanta Mantra' is described in 'Matruvatsalyavindanam' (page 73). The Mantra will be chanted on Thursday, 25th March 2010 during regular 'Pravachan'.

  • Ramrajya : P.P.Aniruddha Bapu is going to speak on Ramrajya on 29th April 2010-Thursday at HariGurugram(New English school-Bandra East) --- Completed

  • Valukeshwar Pujan : Planned on 18th Feb 2010
    On Thursday (18th Feb 10) evening, there will be Valukeshwar ( पिंडाचे ) Pujan at Harigurugram(New English School-Bandra East). Everybody is allowed to take its Darshan. (बेलपत्र वहाता येतील...)

  • Kolhapur Medical Camp 2010: 14th To 15th Feb 2009.:- Completed

    1. 1st Day: Distribution in 56 villages among 5049 families. This is done by 18 teams made of volunteers.

    2. 2nd Day: Medical Camp & Annapurnaprasadam. This is completely non-chargeable basis for all the villagers & students of the selected villages. All the students from 117 schools were selected for Medical camp. Additionally 2 schools have joined the camp first time this year. 8858 students were involved.

    Medical check up did for 7546 villagers. Additionally 8486 students were checked up. 80 vehicles were arranged for transportation purpose of students & villagers for their to & fro journey. No of trips done by these vehicles are @ 240

    85000 (eighty five thousand) villagers from 225 villages have taken participation in AnnapurmnaPrasadam.

    • Datta Jayanti Utsav : 1st Dec 2009

    Jayanti Utsav will be celebrated on 1st december 2009 at Hari Guru Gram, New English school Government colony Bandra East Mumbai

    Utsav will start at 7:00 Pm evening.This day also marks important as it is Pratyaksha, the Daily's Vardhapan Din Sohala.

    P.P. Shri Aniruddha Bapu asked us to chant this Mantra Daily atleast 24 times or 108 times a in a week, Bapu urged us to take this mantra Closer to us and keep chanting this whenever and wherever.

    • Trivikram

    This posting is with respect to updating the first pictures of the Trivikram which was reveled to the whole world on Thursday November 5th 2009 by Sadguru shri Aniruddha Bapu.

    • Aniruddha Paurnima 2009 : Completed

    On 2nd Nov. 2009 followed by Adhiveshan on 3rd & 4th Nov.

    PL Note: P.P.Aniruddha Bapu will start giving Pravachan from 5th Nov.09 (Thursday) onwards at HariGurugram( New English School-Bandra East) on every Thursday.

    • Blood Donation Camp : Completed

    Will be conducted by Borivali-West Upasana centre on 27th September, 2009 (sunday) at Borivali- West


    at Shri Gurukshetram : 9th to 17th August '09...

    The Poojan will be done by P.P. BAPU and HIS DIVINE FAMILY as per 'Tripurarahasya ' , as told by Shri Dattatrey to Parashuram.

    ----The Poojan will start every day at morning 11 a.m. and will continue up to afternoon 1: 30 p.m.
    ----Afterwards there will be ' Havan' whole day up to sun set with chanting of Stotras

    We can visit Shri Gurukshetray during any of these 9 days ( or all as per our convenience ) and take Darshana of Shri MAHISHASURMARDINI and participate in the chanting.

    In forthcomming Thursday dated 23rd July 09, P.P. Bapu is going to describe in detail about the Utsav of these 9 days, in his Pravachan.

    • Datta-yag : 5th to 9th May 2009 : Completed...

    Datta-yag a Unique Event will be held for 5 days 5th May /6th May /7th May /8th May & 9th May 2009.This Unique event will bring in light the 24 guru of Lord Dattatreya on whom we will have to perform a specific pooja and a pradakshina.

    Name of the 24 Gurus are...

    The earth, The Wind, The sky, The water, The fire, The moon, The sun, The pigeon, The python, The sea, The moth, The queen bee and the honey collector, The elephant (Gjendra), The bumble-bee, The Musk deer, The Fish, The prostitute - Pingala, The lapwing, The child, The bangles, The artisan, The snake, The spider, The wasp.

    P.P Aniruddha Bapu also Explained us with a Unique example of Polio vaccination, wherein he explained how the bacteria cause Polio however when similar the same bacteria is scientifically studied and then when injected caused Prevention from the same disease.

    This Datta Yag event will give the similar effect of Vaccination by preventing bad effects in our lives.

    On these 5 days, there will be mainly three events..

    1. Niyati Chakra Parivartan Pradakshina ( Pujan of all 24 Guru's of Lord Dattatrey)

    2. Sarvatobhadra Kumbh Yatra

    3. Dwadash Jyotirling Kailashbhadra Mahapujan

    Volunterrs will be there to guide all the Baktas comming to do these events. Detail explaination of how to do various activities will be given.

    P.P.Bapu asked all his Bhaktas to get involved in this event from bottom of his heart. This is not happened ever before & each activity involved in it have its uniqueness & importance.

    Timings: 7.00 am to 8.30 pm ( those who come till 8.30pm will be allowed to complete the events)

    In addition to above, their wil be Dattayag & Gurugita Pathan for first 3 days.(3rd day upto 3.00pm)

    • Valukeshwar Pujan : Completed

    On Thursday (5th March 09) evening, there will be Valukeshwar ( पिंडाचे ) Pujan at New English School-Bandra. Everyboy is allowed to take its Darshan. (बेलपत्र वहाता येतील...)

    • Kolhapur Medical Camp 2009: 8th To 10th Feb 2009.:- Completed

    Completed successfuly with huge response from villages

    • Blood DonationCamp : Completed..

    held at New English School on 12th April 09.


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